Who is Saisrikanth ?

A Computer Science Graduate Student at the University of Illinois at Chicago who is curious in understanding how things evolve. A Self-Learner who uses various online resources and TED Talks to keep himself updated.

Web Developer who considers CSS as the sugar which sweetens the coffee (Web Page)
Windows Phone App developer ( Check Windows Store links in Project Section)
Has a creative ability to formulate unique algorithms based on problems (Designing algorithms)
Interested in Access Control in the field of security. Published an article based on that.
Advanced knowledge in







MS SQL Server


Preventing Identity Theft using Shift Key mechanism and QR Code with Sudoku Puzzle

To build a Digital Fortress that could distinguish between a real user and a hacker and provide the hacker with the data he/she needs [fake data] and safeguards the real data. This could be a method to prevent identity thefts from happening. Identity thefts occur due to the methods of inefficient Authentication procedures practiced. The identity thefts can be reduced by having a multiple number of steps of authentication which would allow the system to be more secure and also productive at the same time. A Sudoku game, for instance can be used as a method of finding the real user. Not only that, the system has to automatically get hold of the files stored in the server once the download is done by the real user so that no one can ever access the files that once existed. By this way, the hacker could be cheated and the user data could be protected. The digital fortress will have the intelligence to detect things and act accordingly